Week one notes: The Sting Rays were missing two players from their lineup as well as their Head Coach Kevin Guay due to illness. All three expect to be back in the line up next week. Jaxon Law left the Sting Rays game in the first period shortly after he scored the Sting Rays first ever goal as a tryout player when he fractured his elbow on an awkward fall. He expects to return within three weeks and will be looking to find a permanent home in the FIHL. The Aces were missing Side Show Bob who was at a previous commitment as well as the FBI, (Fox Brothers Incorporated), who were both out with illness. The Sand Sharks were missing Griffin Kirkham who was having visa issues getting into the Tampa Bay area from Daytona. The Minute Men was the lone roster in full attendance for their first game.

First Goals: FIHL Nathan Souza Sand Sharks, Sting Rays Jaxon Law, Aces  Michael Scianna, MM  Wyatt Frontiero

First hat trick: Sand Sharks Nathan Souza

Second hat trick Sand Sharks Dave Beaudin

Third hat trick: Sand Sharks Anderson Libby

First Injury: Jaxson Law fractured elbow

First Win: Sam Boardman 

First Penalty: Sand Sharks Chadwick Sieler Tripping