The FIHL’s second annual draft is in the books and season II, “The Sequel” is getting ready to ramp up.

Last night at the Courtyard Marriot in Oldsmar Florida was the place to be. The FIHL held it’s second annual draft to create it’s four teams while also creating a special night for the players. Both new and returning players were in attendance as the Marriot hosted an incredible night of fun food and festivities. Over twenty prizes were raffled off from tape rolls, to sticks and locker room blue tooth boom speakers and when it was all over, every player went home a winner.

Notable events that took place last night was Joshua Guay securing the first overall pick for the Sting Rays, Sean Gaffney was the final pick in the draft for the Sand Sharks and we had a trade of picks and a total of four players changing teams from last season. The trade was made in the fifth round as the Minute Men sent their pick to the Aces for the Aces last two picks in the draft. The Aces secured the third Pensacola player to grace their roster in team history with the pick by selecting Chase Sterling. Gavin Frost and Jaxon Law, the previous Pensacola players will not be returning this season as they have signed with the TBJL Sahof league and the ECEL. The Minute Men used the picks to snap up Chris Cowan to help fill holes on D that were left by Max Mondo and Jack Vitchock. Mondo is knee deep in boot camp with the Naval Academy and Vitchock will be playing in Germany this season.

The other player changing teams will be Savannah Scianna as she jetted from the Aces and landed in Sting Ray country for a major defection. Another exiting Ace was netminder Jacob Otto who was scooped up by the Sand Sharks. Last was another steal by the Sharks as they picked up now former Minute Man Hunter Chace–and his father Kevin as well for coaching duties.

All in all it was a fun night for the players which is what it is all about. Below is the complete draft pick by pick. There a few holes yet to fill so if you want to play in the best youth league in the United States, (complete unbiased opinion by the editor), just go to and register!!

PositionPlayerBirth YearPositionTeam
1Joshua Guay2004OffenseSting Rays
2Philip Tate2005GoalieAces
3Wyatt Frontiero2004DefenseMinute Men
4Hunter Chace2007DefenseSand Sharks
5Noah Gawel2007OffenseSting Rays
6Connor Johnston Ferris2004DefenseAces
7Kyle Fanelli2004ForwardMinute Men
8Jayveer Doad2005OffenseSand Sharks
9Joey Poweska2004OffenseSting Rays
10Emily Scott2004OffenseAces
11Ryan Compton2005OffenseMinute Men
12Jacob Otto2006GoalieSand Sharks
13Logan Brann2005OffenseSting Rays
14Jonathon Delacruz2008OffenseAces
From the Minute Men
15Chase Sterling2004DefenseAces
16Patrick Dary2004DefenseSand Sharks
17Braeden Blozousky2005OffenseSting Rays
18Zachery Tate2004ForwardAces
19Connor Hill2004ForwardMinute Men
20Joaquin Frasquillo2006DefenseSand Sharks
21Andrew Burnside2007DefenseSting Rays
22Delaney Zerfass2005DefenseAces
23Joey Saroukas2006ForwardMinute Men
24Spencer Oliverio2005ForwardSand Sharks
25Alex Talbot2005DefenseSting Rays
26Gus Komarek2003OffenseAces
27Scott Mezack2004ForwardMinute Men
28Gabriel Dela Rosa2007DefenseSand Sharks
29Connor Wivholm2007DefenseSting Rays
30Maddox Fox2006OffenseAces
31John Thompson2004GoalieMinute Men
32Peyton Brisley2007OffenseSand Sharks
33Aidan Lingo2007OffenseSting Rays
34Jack Zerfass2006DefenseAces
35Andrew Harmon2006ForwardMinute Men
36Christopher Chan2005DefenseSand Sharks
37Savannah Scianna2003OffenseSting Rays
38Timur Nogaibayeva2008DefenseAces
39Alex Noti2006OffenseMinute Men
40Finn Smith2007OffenseSand Sharks
41Chandler Odell2004OffenseSting Rays
42Leah Klingel2005OffenseAces
43George Brkljacic2006OffenseMinute Men
44Jonny Motta2006DefenseSand Sharks
45Tristan Barnard2007DefenseSting Rays
46Andrew Klingel2004DefenseAces
47Mike Alicea2006OffenseMinute Men
48Phenex Hauver2006DefenseSand Sharks
49Ty Schmidt2002GoalieSting Rays
50From the Aces
51Christopher Cowan2003DefenseMinute Men
52Robert Scire2003ForwardMinute Men
53Jonathan Meola2002OffenseSand Sharks
54Jason Cribbs2003GoalieSting Rays
From the Aces
55Braden Spencer2007OffenseMinute Men
56Madison Saunier2004GoalieMinute Men
57Sean Gaffney2004GoalieSand Sharks