Some quick points to keep FIHL Nation up to speed.

The FIHL Deadline to Register is now set for NEXT Friday at midnight. That would be July 23rd. Some have been having issues with the registration site, ( and we want to make sure everyone gets in that wants in. Most have not had any problems with the site but I would rather keep it open. IF YOU ARE having issues, email me directly at and I will input your registration over the phone.

The Combine is set and will be at TBSA NEXT Saturday from 4pm to 6pm. The combine is for new players to be evaluated for the draft. The first hour will be skills and the second hour will be scrimmage. All players are to bring a dark and a white jersey WITH A NUMBER ON IT.

RETURNING PLAYERS DO NOT DELAY YOUR REGISTRATION!! There are many pieces to this timeline that require events to be on time. The Time Line is as follows:

July 23rd registration closes, combine fee/season deposit due. The time line is important so again, please do not wait to the last minute to register.

July 24th Combine at TBSA 4pm-6pm

August 7th DRAFT DAY and Season Payments Due for returning playersDeposits Due for new players (if drafted)

August 14th Season payments due for new players.

There will be four team practices before the season kicks off on September 18th.The season fee this year will be $2299.00.   I have A LOT more I want to do with this league for the players–but none of it can happen with out you!
 If there are any questions please feel free to email me.