Well a busy week following the All Star event has me scrambling to make thing shape up for tonight’s games but I think I got a handle on it! The following is all newsworthy so I wanted to get it out there before game time.

First we start by saying that the FIHL family suffered a loss this week as Coach Souza of the Sand Sharks lost a family member. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. They will be traveling to New Jersey next week to deal with the loss. Please keep them in mind.

Game times were adjusted to 30 mins later tonight and the South Rink at TBSA instead of the North Rink. This means Sharks @Rays starts at 7:45pm and Aces at Men, 10:15pm. Late I know but we were already late and I like the rink owing us a favor… 🙂 The winning ticket worth 70 bucks from last weeks split the pot is 073523. If you got it, bring it to the game!

The FIHL signed three pool players this week and moved one pool player to full time status, one full time player to pool status and the Sting Rays placed Ty Schmidt on IR. Jason Cribbs signed his deal as a Pool Player and will be playing tonight for the Sting Rays in the absence of Ty Schmidt. Schmidt went down on the very last save of the last weeks 10-5 drubbing of the Rays at the hands of the Minute Men in the final seconds of the game with a knee issue. The FIHL and the Rays are awaiting a doctors report on Schmidt, while Cribbs makes his debut tonight. The Sting Rays will also be employing two other subs tonight vs the Sharks. The Calgary Kid, Nathan Behm, who has given the Rays fits the last two weeks tallying 6 goals against Coach Guays squad, will be in camo tonight for what may be his final game before returning home to Calgary. If true, he will be missed by the coaches he played for, those he played against… not so much. New Pool Player Karson Chotovinsky from Miami will also be in for the Rays tonight as their line up is missing both Kimmel and Payne. The Rays acquired Braeden Blosousky as he swaps places with Will Johnston from Pool Player to Full Time and vice versa. The FIHL also signed Molly Peterson to a pool contract and she has been assigned to the Aces for tonight’s matchup with the Minute Men.

There are no practices tomorrow due to some stupid event and some not so terrific traitor named Tom. From Patriot to Pirate… need I say more? Boo Foosbal.

Final Order for game jerseys etc. going out this week. All Game Jerseys avail for 99, All Star Jersey Avail for 99, or non reversible blue or white for 65. Get your order in by Tuesday order goes out Wednesday. Decals are in, Large are 10, smalls are 5, bring me the garment you want it on and I will put it on for you!

I am getting final All Star stats from the skills and will have a complete story next week on that event. It was a long day for the workers, but I hope everyone had a real good time and the players selected had a great memory.

That is it for now! See you tonight!