Dave Lopresti of MCN and Chris Frontiero of The FIHL have teamed up to offer an opportunity that will expand the FIHL players experience when it comes to hockey and beyond. The offer is for ANY FIHL player past or present that wants to participate, (maximum 18 skaters 2 netminders), to have the opportunity to see and experience the world, and play hockey at the same time!

The tour will start in Munich Germany on December 26th, then go to Salzburg Austria, from there we go to Zurich, Switzerland. Next up is Interlaken, Switzerland and from there we go to Varese, Italy and Bolzano, Italy, then back to Munich to head home on January 6th.

During the trip the players will see many famous places on several guided tours, play several games against local teams of the same skill level and experience a New Years Eve celebration like they have never known.

The offer comes in July so that those that want to participate will have six months to prepare. This offer is to the FIHL FIRST, a once in a life time opportunity. Check out the current plan in the graphics below!

If interested in participating in this opportunity, please contact Coach Chris directly!