Hello folks I am here live at FIHL Head Quarters and Goose Pond Studios bringing to you live the post trade deadline news. With the Sand Sharks retooling and one team working through the cold dark night to add scoring punch, the fax machines were working right up to the last minute…

We begin with the Sand Sharks who had a hard time filling their last few roster spots and as a result, the League has officially granted them the largest sub list of the four teams and the right to sign one more player already named if that player commits. The Sharks will have a tough go keeping up with the first place reputation as they may have just gone from the oldest team in the league to the youngest! None the less, they will be a tough opponent in that first round.

The real wheeling and dealing came when a certain team expended as much powder as they could muster making FOUR offers in order to try and get Chandler O’Dell in their army. The end result of two days of faxes, texts, and signals ended with Coach Guay standing firm and retaining the leagues leading scorer. Coach had this to say when finally reached for comment:

“There was no way I was going to give up my top guy, no matter how bad they needed a sniper. Besides, I love that kid, I wouldn’t have been able to tell him he was traded–especially to that rag tag group of rebels. I wish them the best though… until when and if we play them, then it will be all out war.”

The team that was seeking Chandler will remain unknown per FIHL Policy. And so the first ever trade deadline comes and goes without a shot fired… Here is the official post Trade Deadline statement and roster rules from the FIHL brass…

Today at 3pm the FIHL trade deadline passed by and any further roster movements and pool player signings are no more for the remainder of the season. Teams are now set for the playoffs, each team has fifteen primary skaters and at least one primary net minder. Each team has also been assigned their own exclusive sub players that will be eligible for the remainder of the season and playoffs provided one of the fifteen primary skaters can not attend a game. Subs are called in the order of how many games they have played. Coaches are to inform the League of their need for a sub and the League will make the calls. There are two Net Minders available to all teams in the event of an emergency. Those netminders are E.J. Kotula and Connor Sheridan. Playoff seeding has not yet been determined outside of the top seeded Sand Sharks. Below is the list of subs for each team.

AcesMinute MenSand Sharks Sting Rays
Ella LaderConnor HillAndre BobwiczTyler Cook
Molly PetersonRyan PiperRyan TannerKaine Otterbacher
Connor WivholmRyland StoneChris MayburyDevon Barkett
Tristana DoyleWill FlissNolan BorekJeremey Henk
Karson Chotovinsky
Gabe Delarosa