The FIHL signed six players to the pool and all six will be in action this weekend. We start with the Minute Men who are missing three players this week. Enter the McDonald twins from Vancouver. Alec and Alicia have been playing hockey their whole life and will be available for games this week and next as they are in the States for the holidays. The Minute Men square off against the Sand Sharks who are also missing two players. Enter in Trent Hoppe from Ohio and Devon Barkett of the Plant High JV team. Both Hoppe and Barkett are looking to be full time and assigned to a roster. Also playing for the Sharks this week in the nets is Dylan Basalari who last played for the central Florida Bears as Sam Boardman is out. The Sting Rays are down two players making room for Hayden Kimmel. Kimmel plays for Durant High and is also looking to be a full time FIHL player. The list of players wanting in the FIHL is growing and the question for the league is what happens as it continues? We will have to wait and see what the future holds!