Well folks this will be a big edition of news today here for your reading pleasure as the FIHL is dangerously close to the mid season mark and the upcoming All Star Event. So as I always like to do we will do this by the numbers! (Be sure to read them all).

1) Games this weekend. The players are back in action this weekend as the hapless Minute Men will be looking to start a revolution in 2021 and do the unthinkable… start a winning streak by handing the Sand Sharks their second loss in a row. Neither of those things has ever happened. Who knows right? That game is at 4pm this Saturday at TBSA while game two on the weekend is at 630pm. THAT game features the red hot Sting Rays taking on the luke warm Aces in a battle for second place in the standings. Multiple Players will be out of lineups this weekend due to sahof and injury so if you are a pool player, get your requests in asap! The return of the all things FIHL will be a welcome sight, don’t miss out!

2) Player information and transactions. We had some movements this past week in the player activity area so here we go. We start with Nolan Borek moving form a pool player contract to a full time rostered player for the Sand Sharks. Nolan has played for every team in the league as a pool player and has tallied 8-6-14 totals in seven games played which is good enough for 13th in the league standing for points. His arrival to full time status fills a hole that was created by the departure of Anderson Libby. Nolan was reached earlier this week for comment and had this to say… “At this point in my career I am truly excited about joining one of the most competitive organizations in Florida. To have a chance to compete with all my buddies is incredible! I can not wait to help coach Souza and my team mates compete for a championship.” The Sharks also signed another player to a full time contract in Jordan Chapman. He fills another hole that was left by the assigning of Oscar Aguirre to a pool contract for the remainder of the season. Jordan made his debut in the last game in which the Sharks dropped their first game of the season, 8-4 to the Sting Rays. While he did not make the scoresheet in that game, it was clear that his attitude and skill set will be a healthy addition to the team. The FIHL also signed Nathan Behm, a 2007 born AAA player out of Calgary to a pool player contract. Behm showed amazing skill in his FIHL debut in which he scored one goal and had two assists in the Minute Men’s 12-6 loss to the Aces. The FIHL signed forward Cameron Smalley of the Swamp Rabbits to a pool player contract as well this week. Smalley played last weekend for the Sting Rays and scored two goals before leaving the game with a lacerated ear. In keeping with FIHL policy terms of all three contracts were not disclosed.

3) FIHL Injury report. Minute Men as if not having enough troubles have two players out with injuries. Robert Scire remains on the injured reserve list as his surgery went off without a hitch and he is recovering exceptionally well. He expects to be back in the line up in two more weeks. Living Local Legend Scott Mezack will be out for two to three weeks after he suffered eighteen staples and 21 stiches in the Great Golf Cart and Voice Box incident of 2021. He was also concussed during the event. Check the World Wide Web for details. Sand Sharks and FIHL leading scorer Andre Bobowicz has missed two games with a lower body injury and will be a game time decision this week.

4) Live Barn Coming to TBSA! You heard right! All games will be on live barn soon, go to livebarn.com for more information. Live Barn is a great way to catch missed games and is also an excellent game review tool. Highly recommend getting an account.

5) LAST CALL FOR JERSEYS. If you are looking for a jersey of your favorite player or maybe even an FIHL ALL STAR jersey as a souvenir you will need to let me know by the end of the month. I will be placing an order. Jersey’s are 99 dollars each and are the exact same reversible jersey the players wear!

6) ALL STARS!! All Star weekend is approaching and the League Jersey’s for the event are here! This event will have it’s own news out soon and will be taking place at CIA on the 31st of January. I will be meeting with the coaches to discuss how the selections will be made soon but we are really looking forward to showcasing the top players of the FIHL!

7) FIHL SWAG!! OK so here is the deal… It is so hard to order apparel at a decent price without buying mass quantities to which the swag shop can not afford to do at this time so here is the plan. I have large and small tranfers for every team and the league and FIHL transfers as well. Small tranfers will be 5 bucks and large ones 10 Bucks. You bring me what ever apparel you want to customize and I will install the transfer. At some point, I will be able to have an FIHL shop with in stock items but slow as she goes is what we need to do here. This will really help build up that account and get us to that point if you bring to us what you want done. I have plenty of transfers!! Lets go!!

8) ED WALSH FEB 2nd LESSONS AT GOOSE POND! Goaltenders that want to work with the D1 College Coach will need to get with me ASAP to reserve a time slot for Walshy on the 2nd of February at Goose Pond. Cost is 85 bucks per hour and is extremely recommended by the FIHL brass… that is me. 🙂

OK that is all I have today!! I will probably break these out into reminder news clips through out the next week or so but please respond to the ones that apply to you as soon as you can. It has been a wild 22 days this year as it appears as though 2020 is holding 2021’s beer… and only God knows where that will lead! See you all Saturday!!!