The Girls of the FIHL head to Pennsylvania and Colorado to represent Girls Hockey in Florida while they compete for a notional title this weekend! On the U19 AA Squad we have three players. Maddi Saunier manning the goal posts, and Savannah Scianna skating out with Molly Peterson. These three girls will be in Colorado facing off against South Dakota, The Utah Grizzleys, and the Rochester Edge. Madison has competed in eleven games for the FIHL’s Minute Men this season facing 370 shots and a .854 save percentage. She is an avid trainer at the Goose Pond and has been prepping for this event foe quite some time. Savannah has played in 16 games for the Aces and has 2 goals 3 assists for 5 points and 4 minutes in the sin bin. Molly was a late comer to the FIHL and is a permanent sub for the Aces and has played in the FIHL for 3 games with 3 assists and 2 minutes in penalties. For these three players in particular, this weekend represents years of work to get to this point, a massive achievement that all three hope, will lead to more opportunities.

On the U16AAA unit we have three very good players that will be representing. Delaney Zerfass, Leah Klingel, and Tristana Doyle–all defense, will head to Pennsylvania to take on the Lady Ducks, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the only team they have yet to topple, Little Caesars. We start with Delaney who has made massive strides in her game in the last year and is the most natural skater I have worked with in some time. Delaney has logged in 12 games for the Aces, with 1 goals, 4 assists for 5 points and two minutes in penalties. Her training partner at the Pond and sometimes partner on the back end as well for the Alliance, Leah Klingel also plays for the Aces. She has played in 10 games with 1 goals 2 assists for 3 points and 2 minutes in penalties. Nick-named “Peanut”, the long curly blonde haired D girl will never be seen training or playing without a smile on her face. Tristana Doyle also came late to the FIHL, playing her 2 games for the Aces as well. In those two games she has 1 goal and 1 assist. All three of these players have played in big games before, and have represented girls hockey well for quite some time.

The FIHL and all these girls team mates wish them great victory for this weekend, but most of all to always play as great as you can no matter what the outcome! You make us all proud!!