There is lots to go over in this weeks news and notes so here we go!

TAMPA HEAT– Pictured in the this weeks news and notes as you may be wondering is the logo of a newly formed group of players called the Tampa Heat. They are mostly 2007 born players, have a good skill level and have scheduled scrimmages against the three local teams of the FIHL. The interest is there to perhaps have them play in the FIHL next season and the scrimmages are set up to determine if they will be a good fit. League director Frontiero said this on the matter, “I expect them to be a formidable challenge to the lower level players in our league and by contrast be challenged by the older more experienced players in our league which should make for a good fit, the scrimmages will give some good insight and then we can discuss that potential next season issue at the next FIHL meeting.” The Heat made good in their first exhibition vs the FIHL cellar dwelling Minute Men in a 5-3 win last Sunday night. “It was a tight checked game, one hour tilt on our practice ice with most goals scored on our third unit but they also hit the pipe at least five times against our top players and it was close until a couple squeakers slipped though and will be definitely worth playing them again.” The Heat will scrimmage the Sting Rays on the 11th at the Clearwater Ice Arena at 7:15pm and then the Aces at TBSA on April 18th, also at 7:15pm. We will see how those games go.

EASTER TOURNEY IN ELLENTON– Several players are playing tonight and all day Easter Sunday in a non sahof event to grab some extra ice and experience, below are the teams, players and schedule. There are no games on Saturday, (tomorrow) due to the FIHL schedule. Stars play Friday Night at 945pm vs Biscuits, Sunday 8am vs Black Bears, Noon vs Biscuits 2, and either 315 or 345 for the playoff and if they win that, 545 for the cup. Black Bears play Friday Night at 11pm vs Biscuits 2, Sunday 8am vs Stars, 930am vs Biscuits, and  either  315 or 345 for the playoff and if they win that, 545 for the cup.  Busy Easter for sure.  Lets hope they don’t lay any eggs!  

FIHL StarsGP Bears
Wyatt FrontieroHunter Chace
Braeden BlosouskyFerris Kritzer
Scott MezackSam Hanks
Alex NotiMatt Wisniewski
Jaxon LawPeyton Brisley
Gavin FrostTristan Barnard
Preston ThomasRyan Compton
Andrew HarmonJack Vitchock
Joey SourokasJack Zerfass
John ThompsonJacob Otto
Chris FrontieroLee Zerfass

FIHL GAMES SATURDAY– Our games tomorrow are at TBSA and begin with the Minute Men making their second attempt at two tasks they have failed at before. At 6:45 pm they will take on the Sharks, looking for their first win against the fierce fish and their first three game winning streak. Week two was a long time ago when the Minute Men blew a four goal lead in the third period to lose to a very different Sharks team at that time in overtime, 10-9. One thing is for certain, to be successful the Men will have to keep Beaudy Beaudin in check as he has been a top scorer for the Sharks as of late. At 9:15pm some one will snap a losing streak as both the Aces and Sting Rays seem to be in a state of disarray as they head down the home stretch which is a time when they should be starting to perfect their games. We will see how that one turns out as it looks like the only seed that is a lock for the playoffs is the Sand Sharks at the top spot.

POOL PLAYERS– The FIHL signed three players to the pool list in the past two weeks. Two female players from Fort Myers in Ella Lader and Tristina Doyle continue to show that the FIHL has quite a reach in the great State of Florida. The FIHL also added Kaine Otterbacher from Lithia Florida and we may see him in action this weekend. The FIHL also signed 2006 born Preston Thomas from Michigan to a one week deal as the Florida native is back in town and looking for some ice. Preston learned to skate right here at TBSA with Coach Frontiero and it will be good to see him again. As the pool players list continues to grow, it shows the interest in what we are doing and bodes well for expansion next season.

INJURY/PLAYER REPORT– Tyler Schmidt G for the Sting Rays had successful surgery to repair a shoulder issue and is doing well. He will remain on the shelf until next season and we wish him well and happy training this summer so as to be ready for FIHL 2. Christopher Chan of the Sand Sharks was released from his contract so he could return to his first love, Rowing for Berkley High. He hopes to return next season as he was clearly bitten by the hockey bug, Chan competed in 11 games tallying 1-3-4 totals and never sat in the sin bin! Side Show Bob of the Minute Men had a scary moment a few weeks ago in Sahof when he was back checking and hit the goal post hard. He was down and out for several days but played through the injury and seems to be ok. Max Mondo also with the Minute Men is out of action this week as he is making preparations to attend the Air Force Academy. We will do a full feature story on Max in the future before he makes his final departure in June. Pool Player Gabe Dela Rosa is out with a nagging ailment, he expects to be back next week. Pool Player Devon Barkett is clear for rehab after knee surgery and is about six weeks away from skating again which is ahead of schedule, good job Devon! Hayden Kimmel of the Sting Rays has been spotty due to a wrist injury but seems to have returned to 100% last week as he score his first goal of the season vs the Sand Sharks in a 8-7 loss. Lastly, speaking of first goals, Leah Klingel also scored her first of the season last week for the Aces in a 7-6 loss vs the Minute Men.

UPCOMING STORIES– I am working hard to provide ice time and opportunities for our players. It eats alot of time up and the stories I want to do and need to do have been on the back burner. I do expect over the next week to do the All Star story and the trade deadline story which has already been settled by the coaches and I, within the next several days. I do have a spring highschool team at TBSA I will also cover made up of mostly Goose Pond students, but if ten people want to put in for am FIHL team, let me know. I will address that in an email as well as a story.

OKAY!! That is all for now! News up to date! See you all tomorrow for FIHL and tonight for those playing in the Easter Gig! Peace!